Layer up - do you know how?


It’s no secret my pieces are designed for the minimal style lovers but did you know minimal doesn’t have to be boring. While I absolutely love the look of a fine delicate chain with a petite pendant, sometimes our outfit calls for something a little more.

I am here to share my top 5 tips on turning your simple, fine pieces, into a statement.


Double up -

Why wear one when you can wear two. This look is super simple but effective. Start with your shortest layer, I recommend around the 16”/40cm length then add another two inches for the next layer (18”/45cm). Doubling up is the easiest way to start experimenting and building your confidence with layers.


Top - Leaf in disc on sterling silver. Bottom - Leaf in moon on sterling silver. Coming soon.

3 or more - 

You won’t believe how effective this look is. Once again, start with your shortest layer first and work your way down, why not even try starting with a choker (14”/35cm)? My top tip for adding more than two layers is to make at least one layer plain, this allows you to keep your minimal, delicate look.


Top - Natural floral drop on sterling silver. Middle - Natural moon on sterling silver. Bottom - Natural star on sterling silver.

Adding pendants -

While layers of fine chain is absolutely beautiful, adding pendants adds another dimension altogether. When layering different sized pendants, try putting the smaller ones up higher and let the bigger ones hang low, this creates a triangle effect, which is flattering on any neckline. If you are wanting to stay with the minimal look, don’t go too large with your pendant size instead, stick to smaller sizes and play with shapes.


Top - Leaf disc on sterling silver. Middle - Leaf moon on sterling silver. Bottom - Leaf large drop on sterling silver. Coming soon. 

Play with colour -

Once you master the layering technique, which let’s face it, is so easy, try adding in pops of colour. Easiest way to do this is to add a coloured pendant, making sure your chosen colours do not clash with your outfit and if adding in more than one colour, they don’t clash with each other.


Top - Sterling silver chain. Middle - Natural floral drop on sterling silver. Bottom - Red triangle on sterling silver.

Mix metals -

This look has certainly come in and out of fashion for years now. It’s not for everyone, personally I’m a fan when it’s done correctly. Start simple and change one of your necklaces to gold if wearing more than two layers, pop your opposite colour in the middle so it’s noticed. Be wary adding coloured pendants when mixing metals, as it can be a bit too much and tends to clash.


Top - Natural and gold floral drop on sterling silver. Middle - Natural and gold floral moon on gold filled chain. Bottom - Natural triangle on sterling silver. 

With these few basic instructions, it’s time to change up your look and get layering. Need the perfect layering necklaces? Then shop here now.



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