Care instructions

Will the colour fade over time?

No. The flowers are sealed before using, protecting their colour. Also the resin I have chosen to use is very high quality and UV protected. This means, if the resin piece is taken care off correctly and not exposed to direct UV light, it will last longer. All resin will amber over time. 


Is your jewellery designed for everyday wear?

Due to resin turning amber over time, I do not suggest wearing your piece every day. I have designed these pieces to be delicate and fine for special occasions. Please do not expose the resin to direct sunlight and avoid sunscreens, moisturisers, make up etc. I suggest not swimming or showering in your piece.


Will my piece yellow?

Short answer, yes. Due to the sensitivity of resin, the UV light can make your piece discolour. This is something I still research constantly in hopes to find better resin to delay this but at this stage, it is not something I can avoid. This is where the care instructions come in handy, if you look after your jewellery by wiping it over, avoiding water and make ups etc, and most importantly avoiding direct UV light. 


How do I care for my jewellery?

I recommend taking your piece off before showering, swimming, exercising etc. Please avoid contact with direct sunlight, perfumes, chemicals and moisturisers. I do also recommend wiping your jewellery over with a clean cloth after wear, this will ensure the silver does not tarnish and the resin stays clean and clear. 


Can I swim or wet my jewellery?

A splash of water wont hurt provided its wiped off but I do not recommend swimming or showering in your piece. 


Please note, that natural oils from your skin can also effect the resin. This outcome will be completely different for every person and this is out of my control. If your jewellery has ambered faster than you expected, please contact me via email.