Elidi | Bee disc necklace

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The original shape that started it all. The Elidi disc. The perfect wardrobe staple. 

It really is true that a single picture speaks a thousand words and same can be said for my delicate symbol range.

The Symbol collection features a range of fine line drawings, you will find the perfect piece to complement your style. This is one collection will continue to grow. 


The disc is approx 10mm diameter and placed on an 18" sterling silver chain. 

These pieces are pre made and will be posted within 3 working days. 


Each piece is handcrafted by myself using unique printed images set into resin. I use a high quality UV resin, each piece is cured in nothing but pure sunshine. Pieces are sanded, buffed, polished and placed on a fine sterling silver chain.

Due to the hand made nature of my pendants, image placement can differ. This makes your piece unique - one of a kind. 

While I try my absolute hardest to eliminate bubbles, sometimes they sneak in. Bubbles do not harm your jewellery in anyway, in fact, it's another element into making your item unique. 

This collection is delicate and requires some care in keeping your resin crystal clear. Instructions are sent with each purchase and additional care can be found on my website. Don't stress though, looking after your resin is easy!