Savannah | Moon phase bar necklace

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"Stay wild, moon child"

The moon is our reminder that no matter what phase we go through, we are still whole.

You can now wear your own reminder with my beautifully, hand crafted resin moon phase bar. Measuring approx 50mm long, this bar sits perfectly horizontal to create a stunning, statement piece. The moon phase bar is hung delicately on a 18" fine sterling silver chain.


Please note - This is a premade necklace, therefore no changes can be made. If you are looking to customise this piece, please get in contact via social media or email,


Each pendant is hand made by myself. This involves casting, sanding, buffing and packing each item. Please note that no two pendants are the same, there will be slight variations with moon placements compared to the images online. Each item is 100% unique and thats the best reason to shop handmade.

Bubbles naturally happen when pouring resin. While I try my absolute hardest to eliminate bubbles, sometimes they sneak in. Bubbles do not harm your jewellery in anyway, in fact, it's another element into making your item unique. 

This collection is delicate and requires some care in keeping your resin crystal clear. Instructions are sent with each purchase and additional care can be found on my website. Don't stress though, looking after your resin is easy!