Indi | Floral ring cone

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These ring cones are both beautiful and practical. 

All jewellery should be taken off before bed, so to help you keep your special rings organised, I have crafted these gorgeous ring cones.

Choose your own colour + metallics from my wide range below and create your decor piece to match your home. If you would like to add more than one coloured flower, or simply want to chat about creating something completely unique, then send me an email so we can chat!


Approx 45mm in height. This can vary due to resin expanding as it sets and the sanding thats involved. 


This item is made to order, please allow 5 working days for order to be made before posting. 


Each piece is handcrafted by myself using florals sourced from small local florists or my families farm. My flowers are dried and sealed to avoid oils ruining the resin. I use a high quality resin. Pieces are cured for 5 days, sanded, buffed and finally polished.

Due to the hand made nature of my ring cones, flower placement, depth of colour, and blooms used will differ. This makes your piece unique - one of a kind.

With flowers being an organic item, they naturally produce gases when placed into resin, this means teeny tiny bubbles are sometimes visible. While I try my absolute hardest to eliminate bubbles, sometimes they sneak in. Bubbles do not harm your piece in anyway, in fact, it's another element into making your item unique.

This collection is delicate and requires some care in keeping your resin crystal clear. Instructions are sent with each purchase and additional care can be found on my website. Don't stress though, looking after your resin is easy.